Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Beat the Heat: My 5 Summer Must-haves

40 degrees of agony and torture. While basking under the sun can give you sunny Ds (aka Vitamin D), it is important to protect the largest organ in your body (your skin!) against harsh UV rays. It's also important to protect your hair, your eyes, and yes, your sanity (lol). Check out my 5 summer essentials: 

1) Sunglasses. Avoid squinting your eyes due to the brightness of the sun. Don a pair of sunglasses for extra style and protection against the paparazz------ uh... sun. (RayBan)

2) Lip Balm. Apply liberally to avoid dehydrated lips. Extra heat = extra effort to maintain your kissable lips. (LipIce lipbalm.)

3) Hair protector. Apply this to your hair to avoid dryness and damage! (Black Beauty Heat Protectant)

4) Sunblock. Need I say more? Choose a double-purpose product! (Belo Essentials Whitening Sunblock)

5) Music Player.  Once you plug those earphones in, enjoy the scenic view and get those music-video or Asian drama vibes! (Philips mp3 player)

Have a beautiful summer!

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