Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Beat the Heat: My 5 Summer Must-haves

40 degrees of agony and torture. While basking under the sun can give you sunny Ds (aka Vitamin D), it is important to protect the largest organ in your body (your skin!) against harsh UV rays. It's also important to protect your hair, your eyes, and yes, your sanity (lol). Check out my 5 summer essentials: 

1) Sunglasses. Avoid squinting your eyes due to the brightness of the sun. Don a pair of sunglasses for extra style and protection against the paparazz------ uh... sun. (RayBan)

2) Lip Balm. Apply liberally to avoid dehydrated lips. Extra heat = extra effort to maintain your kissable lips. (LipIce lipbalm.)

3) Hair protector. Apply this to your hair to avoid dryness and damage! (Black Beauty Heat Protectant)

4) Sunblock. Need I say more? Choose a double-purpose product! (Belo Essentials Whitening Sunblock)

5) Music Player.  Once you plug those earphones in, enjoy the scenic view and get those music-video or Asian drama vibes! (Philips mp3 player)

Have a beautiful summer!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Hello, Summer 2014!

Hey lovely reader!

It's that time of the year again! Blissful summer playlists, the scorching heat, sweet milkshakes, pure boredom, and inevitable attacks of triglycerides. Let us all take a moment to remember the momentous submission of your final paper, or that nerve-wracking presentation you just did for your final requirement of the semester. Congratulations, lovely reader. Whatever the result was, you did your best (I hope).

While it's good to dream about the French Riviera or the Grote Markt, reality has a way of cunningly blocking every dream vacay this summer. I'll be taking my majors for the summer, and obviously, basking under the sun would not be an option. With this being said, I hope to pour out every dream, inspiration, and thought in this virtual canvas of mine.

I can't wait to add more strokes, colors, techniques, dimensions, and sparkle in this infinite platform for creativity and love... aka my blog. May your summer be as colorful as your dreams. :)


Photo taken by my brother, Argyll. :)

Monday, December 30, 2013

Looking Back: 2013 in a Nutshell

Ah, a lovely year has passed. Inevitable resolutions and annual insights are already being listed in mental memos... but instead of bellowing and crying out the downs I have experienced in this wild & crazy rollercoaster ride, I concocted a list of random things that made my year beautiful. Step inside the DeLorean and take a peek on the pills that made me smile.

1. My 18th Birthday 

A lovely night. So glad that my family and friends shared the magic with me in this special milestone. I enjoyed sharing my talents to others, and seeing others perform, too. My fairytale fantasies came true (I know, I know. The Unicorns were a bit over-the-top, but hey, you don't see unicorns everyday).

2. Shakespeare's Sonnets

  One sonnet a day is enough to feed my soul. With varied themes like love, eternal beauty, or mortality, these nuggets keep me going everyday.

3. Bazaars

Bazaars. Bazaars everywhere. I broke my vow of 'I-won't-give-in-to-Christmas-commercialism' and I surprisingly enjoyed visiting the black---I mean, the red & green market. Yes, it made my year. Purchasing items way below the retail price is as rewarding as finding a lost earring-lock on a silver carpeted floor.

4. Lana Del Rey

She deserves the Artist of MY Year award. This bitch's got it bad. I'm obsessed with her music videos and melancholic-summer tunes.

5. Perspective

The year has been imperfectly perfect. Every single moment, good or bad, paved the way for a clearer perspective on life.

Can't wait for 2014!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Bloggers United 6

After battling it out (Hunger Games style!) with the crowd at the sardined World Trade Center, I finally visited Bloggers United, a biannual event for and by bloggers. It's amazing how my fave bloggers interact with their readers--- the event is just so energetic and intimate. Bloggers with different eyes for style sold their clothes, accessories, shoes, and even phone cases.... and the best part is that it's very affordable for frugal gals like me!! Sure, the place may be oxygen-deprived (since it was part of the World Bazaar!!), but meeting people who will respect your style was totally worth it.

Third partying with the Enciso sisters lol

Coexisting with Camille Co!

With the pretty Patricia Prieto

Smilin' with Lissa Kahayon

'Til the next BU!


Photos by: Ryou Maehana

Thursday, December 5, 2013


 I have a special giveaway for you today --- you have a chance to win a $30 coupon from Dressale!!

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Keep It Casual

The Denim + white pants combo gives off that fresh and casual look. Denim goes with anything, from jeans to skirts to leggings. It doesn’t matter if you wear layers and layers of accessories or nothing at all… it’s still chic by itself. I jazzed up this outfit with this brown fedora and this brown animal print bag. Simplicity at its best. What do you think of this outfit? 

(c) Ryou 
What I’m wearing:
Denim Top from Forever21
White Pants from Landmark
Bag from Trunk Show

Friday, November 15, 2013

Sweeter Than Fiction

I met Bobby on the Boardwalk, summer of '45.

Stroll around town in your midi skirts and your 'ol trusty hats on. Live out this refreshing thought with: the classic 'ol hat from Topshop, Cateye sunnies from Forever21, an old striped dress (used as a top!), Ribbon doll shoes from Bayo, and of course, a very nice full circle skirt from The Glitzy Glam Shop (they have the best fabric for midi skirts!) Go ahead, dress to the nines and dance like you're made of starlight. 

P.S. Please pray for the Philippines! My heart's still weighed down because of the news. :( Donated my clothes to the survivors... I hope you can do your part too! :*

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Hold On, We're Going Home

This look was pretty much inspired by the Jenner sisters. Ya'll know how biased I am with Kendall so I decided to draw inspiration from that giraffe-legged teen model. I wore this gray beanie with my fave denim jacket from Stradivarius to achieve her signature urban/chill/laidback-but-still-looking-gorj vibe.  Nothing can beat 'ol-fashioned boots. :) What do you think?

Photos by AA Flores

Sunday, October 27, 2013


The season of chilly air and ber-tastic feels is here! Nothing beats classic 'ol sweaters to warm yourself up for what the fashion jargon regards as the 'sweater weather'. I simply mixed up this Homies sweater from OHMYGLOB PH (it's so comfortable! Perfect for cuddling-up-while-drinking-hot-choco-with-mallows kind of weather) with this Black Velvet Skirt from THE PERFECT GRABS SHOP (ig: theperfectgrabsshop)! The skirt is also so elegant and nice, it spazzes up any outfit. :)

I hope ya'll will enjoy the upcoming ber months!! Can't wait to see your OOTD shots! Hihi.

Photos by Lance De Ocampo 

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Begin Again

I still have to combat the ruthless challenges of the remaining two weeks in school... and I'm already in vacay-mode!! Putting these facepalm-worthy feels aside, I just want to share with you my latest personal faves--- this uber cute hat and this comfy skort. :) This will probably be my shortest blog post published in my budding-blogging-history, so all I can say is... adios!

Wasteland MNL