Sunday, October 28, 2012

Philippine Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013

Here comes another season of the Philippine Fashion Week! Models running late in their flip-flops on the way backstage, stylists panicking over a loose thread on a brocade gown, the blinding flashes of cameras, A-listers & fashion critics filling in the front row--- everything about it just fascinates me. The first show I attended showcased the collections of local designers Raoul Ramirez, Vania Romoff, Eric Delos Santos, and Ronald Lirio. Model/Actress Marina Benipayo and Ford's supermodel of the world Danica Magpantay def rocked the runways with their grace, poise, and statuesque beauty. I also attended Penshoppe's showcase 3 days after, and I am proud that the brand has definitely put their best 6-inch heels forward (literally and figuratively!) as their style is currently cat-walking into a whole new level. Everything about it left me in such a rapturous state. 'Til the next season!

Okay I gotta admit it! This laced blouse was def a faux pas for me! It did not flatter my body positively in any possible way! Haha!


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Trick or Treat!

I wasn't kidding when I said our village "burgeoned into a mecca for creepy and sinister masks!" Okay fine, I think I over-dramatized, but who wouldn't agree with me that these oversized-masks are generously giving out the creeps? Putting that all aside, our village also turned into a magical kingdom with horses galloping around the streets. Doesn't it feel awesome when you look out your window and there are horses outside your house?! That's something you don't see everyday, that's for sure! There were also dancers who were roaming and prancing around. The fears about this day that were lingering around my scraggy 'lil head was instantly extirpated by a visit from the ever-so-cute Aliana! She definitely made this day fun (she always do, anyway!). The only glitch about this day is the sad fact that we were not able to get any candies. We were too picky--- we acted like we had those kind of allergies that can be triggered once your skin is exposed to the sun-- we didn't want to go trick or treating under the blazing heat. Once we waited for the sun to go limbo-rockin', luck was on our side (bad luck, that is!) since almost all the candies ran out. Awesome, right?! Taking the path to optimism, we 'treated' ourselves by whippin' up Wicked Oreos instead!  Love this day!!

BTDubs, I made these pair of shorts myself! HAHA

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Dad's 'ol Sweater

When my parents left for Rome earlier (A week without the 'rents! Debauchery!!), I found an old suitcase with my dad's sweaters stashed inside. Since I am a self-confessed closet cop, I put my powers into use by toying with them like they were Barbie dolls. I've seen a lot of different sweaters-- oversized ones, ones that have some kind of aboriginal pattern on it, sweaters with logos of different societies and companies, and many other thingamajiggs out there... But my soul instantly latched with this blue John Weitz sweater due to its soft and cozy fabric. It suddenly dawned on me, like an epic epiphany, that my doting dad and I share the same style--- simple, basic, classy (?), and extremely comfortable (polo shirts and brown leather pieces are our fave!!!) Of course I won't forget my pulchritudinous mom (HI MOM I HOPE YOU'RE READING THIS!) by donning this headband/whatever-ya-call-it which she used to wear during her college years! A blast from the past.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Blood is the New Black

Our village burgeoned into a mecca for creepy and sinister masks. Literally. Halloween is just waiting to peep out around there somewhere, and I'm getting the hair-raising-creepy-spooky-halloween-vibes already. Since the trick-or-treat event in our village will be held already this Saturday, I'm going to delve into the depths of darkness with a look relevant to Halloween. I know, I know. The title for this post is derived from an episode of PLL, and I was inspired by the deviousness of Vivian Darkbloom (You're beyond awesome if you know her!!). I went all lacey-schmacey with this outfit and I put a 'lil gore to it by donning this beaded necklace. Boo!

If you want to go trick-or-treatin' in our village this Saturday, then jump in! Tell me if you're interested. :)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

The First Semester!

It's been centuries since I last updated this blog. Time flies by faster than the wind as the first semester of my college life is officially over. Even though the semester's been filled with a lot of stressful and table-flipping moments, it's mostly about those laugh-till-you-cry memories and the simple things that make your pearly-whites shine brighter than the sun. Here are some of the things that made an AWESOME semester possible!!

1) My awesome block, MSIE! Wambo!
These guys are extremely smart (except me! HAHA). More than grateful to have these awesome people around to help!

2) A-CAMP!!
AIESEC's Assimilation Camp was beyond awesome. It was filled with talks and seminars that were really crucial when it comes to being an AIESECer. Of course, A-CAMP ain't complete without ze 'socials'! 

3) Reuniting with High School friends!!
Hooray for the Debut season!! 18th-birthday bashes are sprouting everywhere and I'm thankful for attending events like these because I get to see my high school friends! :) Weee!

4) Ensci Field Trip!
This field trip was unforgettable! Got to connect with nature as well as with friends! 

Besides having the same name as my blog, Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck was definitely a highlight of my semester. Believe it or not, the scent encapsulated all my thoughts and feelings. My day won't be complete without having a whiff of this magical scent. It's very meaningful to me. 

This semester deserves a Standing O! Cheers to an awesome semester filled with laughs, tears, sweat (Hello, bleep test!) and just kick-ass memories!! HELLO SEMBREAK!