Thursday, May 23, 2013

Mushroom Soup for the Organized Soul ('Cause Chicken Soup is too Mainstream!)

   Since I am FINALLY getting started on my major room renovation, I have been helplessly trying to organize all the junk in my cobwebbed space. Magazines, old photos, used lotion bottles, elementary-days-colored-gel-pens, boxes of heartfelt letters, and notebooks (the fancy ones wherein I don't get to use because it's too-darn-fancy-to-write-on) can all be piled up as high as Mt. Olympus... SO, thanks to my lazy bum, I made an inspirational 'board' where I can get kickass ideas for organizing things.

Check out these amazing ideas :)

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Nothing Safe is Worth the Drive

In the world of uncertainty and insecurity, we tend to jump in headfirst without looking. With the help of Taylor Swift's youth-ravaged-quotes and the willing heart of a good 'ol friend, I came up with a look that shows the whirlpool that I'm in. I consider BLACK as something mysterious, a strong color (well technically, it's not a color.. but who cares about scientific churvaloos?) which manifests deep emotions, thoughts, and dreams.

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