Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Blue Tag Clothing

The brand (est. in the USA) 'The Blue Tag Clothing'  encapsulated all the magical thoughts of wide-eyed dreamers like me. Its dainty and classic pieces has definitely established an iconic and distinct style, and it is inspired by my favorite words: Love, glitter, inspiration, and hope. Every style has a fair spot in the brand's humble heart. From vintage doll to modern chic, the brand will definitely fit every woman's personal style. I hope this brand will continue to grow not only in the big 'ol US of A, but also worldwide! 

Check out some of their pieces! With Ishka, my partner-in-everything-and-bff HAHA!



  1. I like the black dress. The one Agatha is wearing. Cute and nice. :)

  2. Heeey! Do you have an online store? I really like those stuff. :D are you selling it?

    1. It's actually a boutique in Los Angeles. :) The owner also sells the clothes privately. Tell me if you're interested! Visit their facebook page. It's in the link above. :)