Thursday, October 18, 2012

Dad's 'ol Sweater

When my parents left for Rome earlier (A week without the 'rents! Debauchery!!), I found an old suitcase with my dad's sweaters stashed inside. Since I am a self-confessed closet cop, I put my powers into use by toying with them like they were Barbie dolls. I've seen a lot of different sweaters-- oversized ones, ones that have some kind of aboriginal pattern on it, sweaters with logos of different societies and companies, and many other thingamajiggs out there... But my soul instantly latched with this blue John Weitz sweater due to its soft and cozy fabric. It suddenly dawned on me, like an epic epiphany, that my doting dad and I share the same style--- simple, basic, classy (?), and extremely comfortable (polo shirts and brown leather pieces are our fave!!!) Of course I won't forget my pulchritudinous mom (HI MOM I HOPE YOU'RE READING THIS!) by donning this headband/whatever-ya-call-it which she used to wear during her college years! A blast from the past.


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    1. love your blog ags! you are so it!!!congrats=)

    2. Hey Tita Je!! Thank youuu! <3

  2. cute:)