Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Blood is the New Black

Our village burgeoned into a mecca for creepy and sinister masks. Literally. Halloween is just waiting to peep out around there somewhere, and I'm getting the hair-raising-creepy-spooky-halloween-vibes already. Since the trick-or-treat event in our village will be held already this Saturday, I'm going to delve into the depths of darkness with a look relevant to Halloween. I know, I know. The title for this post is derived from an episode of PLL, and I was inspired by the deviousness of Vivian Darkbloom (You're beyond awesome if you know her!!). I went all lacey-schmacey with this outfit and I put a 'lil gore to it by donning this beaded necklace. Boo!

If you want to go trick-or-treatin' in our village this Saturday, then jump in! Tell me if you're interested. :)

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